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  • Shaw University Child Development Center

    Center for Early Childhood Education, Development and Research

    The Shaw University Center for Early Childhood Education, Development and Research is a 5-star center and auspice of the University's Department of Education and Child Development. It is a research and teaching facility for Shaw students, faculty, and staff. The Center demonstrates excellence in implementing best practices in educating young children from birth to kindergarten and working with their families; provides early intervention services and other programs for children from birth to five years old who may be developmentally delayed or at risk for developmental delays; provides quality professional development for caregivers, pre- and in-service teachers and other professionals who work with young children and their families; and studies, observes, and researches child development and disseminates that knowledge through a network of links and partnerships.

    Our Center is committed to excellence for young children and their families. We provide a safe and caring environment that promotes learning and child development. Learning is facilitated through play and supported by qualified, positive role-models. The activities are stimulating and age-appropriate. They help children foster creativity, build self-esteem and self-confidence, promote independence, encourage exploration, and develop school-readiness skills. Children receive daily balanced meals according to USDA guidelines and receive dental, vision, hearing and speech screening and evaluations as needed.

    Our staff are highly-qualified; the teachers possess a NC Teaching license issued by the Department of Public Instructions; the teacher assistants hold associates and undergraduate degrees in Early Childhood Education and are working towards licensure. 

    To function in the “global village” of the 21st century, our children are provided choices that will influence their future. They will appreciate the values of diversity, acceptance and inclusion, while being responsible for their own behaviors.

    Parents and guardians are essential partners and are invited to participate in Center and classroom activities. Contact us anytime at 919-546-8365. The staff is always available to answer questions.

    Our Center participates in the Foster Grandparent program sponsored by the City of Raleigh. The grandparents provide 20 volunteer service hours weekly to support children with developmental delays. The grandparents bring extra love and attention to our Center. Without our grandparents, it is like a day without sunshine.