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Federal Work Study (FWS) Process: ELCD Student Process

1)      Required 1:1 with Career Advisor

  • a)      Schedule appointment (via Handshake , virtual or in-person) or visit the Experiential Learning and Career Development Center (Yancy Building, 2 nd Floor, Suite 222), to meet with Career Advisor to review resume, review work study/work behavior expectations, professional attire, time management, and explore work study assignment options.

i)       Must upload FWS eligibility Letter provided by financial aid office verifying that you have been approved for Federal work study, 2022-2023 – we will upload to Handshake.

2)      Apply for specific Federal Work Study positions in office by first accessing Handshake , searching for opportunities, and completing 2 step application process.

i)       Students are allowed to apply for more than one position.

  • b) *Step 2, Externally Apply via HR (Human Resources) System ULTIPRO.

i)       Note – UltiPro application is linked to Handshake.

1.      This will only need to be completed once for all positions applied for.

ii)      Emphasis on completing application in office or with staff virtually.

(1)    If a student does not have time to complete the application, they will not be considered for work-study; Encourage them to complete it in real time (in the office) or schedule a time when they can complete the process.

(2)    Encourage students to upload confirmation email or screenshot into Handshake for external application confirmation; This is a confirmation measure in case we are unable to quickly confirm with HR; Use web capture or snipping tool and save as pdf for upload into “Documents” in Handshake.

  • c)      RETURNING STUDENTS – If you completed work study before, all you need to do is complete step 1.

i)       You only need step 1 because you are already in payroll/ ultipro.

3)      Career advisor will provide interview prep and resources.

  • a)      INTERVIEWING.COM - Career advisor will assign accounts to students
  • b)      Guide students to Resources section on Handshake

4)      Career advisor will schedule 2-week follow-up via Handshake (Virtual or in-person).

5)      Upon completion of application (Steps 1 & 2), students will be contacted by Federal Work Study Supervisor (position specific) for interview and next steps.

6)      Communicate You Have Been Hired

  • a)      If a student is offered a work study position, please share with the career center.
  • b)      Students should immediately update their resume to include the new role.


Once the student has fully applied and completed follow-up, the next steps are completely outside our office and will be dependent on HR and the Federal Work Study Supervisor. Any additional follow-up, student should be directed to those departments.