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Student Health Insurance Plan

Insurance Waiver Request Notification

Shaw University cares about the health and welfare of its students. Therefore, a requirement of attending the University is that you must carry health insurance. If you cannot prove comparable coverage, you will be required to purchase the plan provided by the University. The student cost for this coverage is $820 per semester.  Participation in the University Plan is required unless a waiver identifying primary health coverage is completed and submitted for approval by Wellfleet Group, LLC, University insurance agent.

The waiver must be completed online at:

For specific questions pertaining to the insurance plan or waiver request, please visit the listed above.  Newly enrolled full-time students, please make sure to waive your coverage during the waiver period. If you fail to waive your coverage during that time you will be charged for the coverage and you will not be able to drop the plan. If you wish to enroll in the plan, you can do nothing, and you will be automatically enrolled as soon as we receive the enrollment list from your institution. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 888-255.4029