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  • Timeline

    1. Planning - Process Optimization Prep 2-3 weeks

    • Discussions with Shaw U Leaders
    • Identify Change Agents that will be members of the PO Team
    • PO Team studies/prepares material for Information Sessions

    2. Change Mgmt. - Screening and Pre-Analysis 1 Month

    • Host Information sessions to roll out the plan to optimize Shaw University’s processes
    • Gain Buy-In from key units
    • Generate ideas and develop concepts for PO

    3. Executive Board Decision

    4. Detailed Analyses - 3-6 Months

    • Construct interdepartmental PO task force
    • Formulate ideas related to cost savings and process improvement measures
    • Detailed evaluation of measures identified
    • Finalize measures and set implementation plan

    5. Executive Board Decision

    6. Implementation - Ongoing

    • Unit level implementation
    • University wide implementation