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Policy for Service and Emotional Support Animal

Shaw University in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the American Disabilities Act of 2008 and the Fair Housing Act and other applicable federal and state regulations that prohibit discrimination based on disability, is committed to providing safe, healthy housing and equal access to Residence Life by all students with qualifying disabilities.

Housing accommodations are determined based upon documentation submitted to Disability Services through the University Counseling Center.

Steps for Requesting an Emotional Support Animal in University Housing

To receive housing accommodations for your Emotional Support Animal at Shaw University, students must:

  • Complete the required documents for the Emotional Support Animal Request form available in the Disability Services office/Counseling Center a minimum of 30 days prior to occupancy. 
  • Residence Life and Counseling Center will review the request and inform the student of the decision via email.
  • If approved the student will be contacted to review the Emotional Support Animal Policy and all information related to the Responsibilities as the Owner of the animal in University Housing.
  • Upon approval of an Emotional Support Animal, all appropriate University Staff are informed of the decision.
  • Before the Emotional Support Animal can be brought into the Residence hall the student will be required to meet with the respective residence staff members and review the owner’s Responsibility for Emotional Support Animal Policy or any documents associated and sign where appropriate.
  • If the request is denied, the student may appeal the decision to the Vice President for Affairs.  The student will be provided information as to how to file an appeal when the decision is made.

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