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First Year Experience

The mission of First Year Experience is to provide services and programs to help facilitate the successful transition to college campus for first year and transfer students.  You will be personally introduced to campus support services and resources so that you know where to go to get the most out of your college experience. Services are available when you need them. The Shaw community is there for you as you meet new opportunities on your way to your future. 

First Year Experience Goals

  • to introduce students to university student support services and campus resources
  • to help facilitate student adjustments and choices to challenges related to the intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic components of student life by providing appropriate information; and finally
  • to provide opportunities for students to experience academic success at Shaw University.  

First Year Highlights

  • Freshman Orientation
  • Academic & Financial Literacy Workshops
  • Cultural & Spiritual Enrichment Seminars (CASES)
  • Freshman Studies Seminars 
  • Freshman Mentoring Program