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Office of Student Affairs Special Programs

Student Services/One-Card Administrator

Student Services is a component of the Office of Student Affairs Special Programs and provides confidential support services to all units of the university related to student information. All student information is housed on the One Card system that is maintained in this office.  One of this office’s primary functions is to provide identification cards for students, faculty, and staff.  When new students are admitted or new faculty/staff members are hired, an ID number is issued to each person that identifies him/her throughout the matriculation or tenure at the university. 

For security purposes, a pictured ID is required of all persons on campus: regular day students, Adult Degree students, Divinity students, faculty, staff, and administration.  Student excuses emanate from this office as requested.  Students must present valid documentation for absences from class at which time an Official University Excuse is sent electronically to the instructors of said student.

For more information, please visit the Shaw University Identification Card page.

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