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Office of Student Affairs Special Programs

About Student Affairs Special Programs

This office works directly with all units in Student Affairs and other non-academic units to ensure compliance with strategic planning and evaluation, university mandates, and SACSCOC compliance.  After cooperative discussions with the Vice President of Student Affairs and Administration, directors, counselors and other staff; plans, policy and procedures, staff development, and unit publications are developed in this office.  Student Affairs budgeting also emanates from this office as budgeting is linked to each unit’s Strategic Plan.  Special Programs director provides staff development workshop opportunities for non- academic unit staff members.  Surveys, rubrics, and data analysis for Student Affairs programs are developed in this office.

Mission Statement

University Mission Statement
Shaw University exists to advance knowledge, facilitate student learning and achievement, to enhance the spiritual and ethical values of its students, and to transform a diverse community of learners into future global leaders.

Division Mission Statement
The mission of Student Affairs is to provide valuable experiences that promote student learning, growth and development by providing quality programs, services and activities.

Unit Mission Statement
The Office of Special Programs is dedicated to providing student services, operational programming, and to support events that will enhance student learning, retention and University operations.

Shaw University Institutional Core Values

  • Character Development
  • Commitment to Excellence and Service
  • Communication
  • Diversity
  • Integrity
  • Leadership

Shaw University Institutional Priorities directly supported by Student Affairs Planning

  • Building Institutional Capacity to Support Teaching, Research and Service - To develop institutional capacity through process and policy improvements related to academic, financial, human resource, and infrastructure planning and management in order to support teaching, research, and service.
  • Creating Financial Stability and Growth - To promote fundraising and resource development within the institutional context of financial process improvements that includes effective policies and management practices.
  • Enhancing Student Success and Competitive Edge in Academic and Career Pursuits - To enhance student success and improve retention by creating resources, training, and mentorship opportunities that support student career preparation integrated with their academic programs.
  • Enhancing Community Engagement and Service - To build and promote an institutional community service culture that links with community partners to advance the teaching, research, and service mission of the University.

Staff Development

The Office of Special Programs provides staff development workshop opportunities for non-academic unit staff members.  Workshops include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic Planning in Student Affairs
  • Shaw University’s Priorities and Student Affairs
  • Customer Service
  • One Card uses for Service Areas
  • Intervention and Retention
  • SSI Results and how we use those results in Student Affairs
  • Sustainability
  • External Training