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Office of Student Affairs Special Programs

Student Affairs Community Involvement Initiative 

Shaw University has experienced what we, in Student Affairs, would like to call a progression of excellence.  This is illustrated in the progression of our presidential visions for the University.  First, with Strides to Excellence, Why Not the Best? we promoted excellence in our students, faculty and staff.  We purposed in our goals and objectives to always strive for excellence.  With Strides to Excellence, Only the Best, we moved beyond the attempt and embraced the vision that excellence was the only thing we would accept.  In making that acclamation, an inevitable transformation came with the vision to Celebrate Excellence.  We have promoted excellence, we have accepted excellence as the only avenue for Shaw University, and we are celebrating our choice of excellence by moving to the vision of Imagining More. Now we have embraced the consummate vision, Shaping the "Knowledge Revolution" by producing some of the most sought after "Power Learners" in the world. We can only imagine what more we can do in and give to our community as a result of the excellence that we sustain on campus.  Student Affairs endeavors to promote this vision by stepping out beyond our walls and into the community at large.  

Research has revealed that Shaw University, located at the heart of downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, the state capital, is in position to promote extensive and mutually beneficial town and gown initiatives and partnerships.  The university currently participates in programs such as Student Volunteerism, Community Service, Applied Research and a few health based partnerships.  These programs are in various academic, student, and student affairs units of the University.  Shaw University endeavors to do more in the community and build stronger partnerships with businesses and organizations within the community.  In the Student Affairs area, partnerships with selected communities will be fostered to resolve social issues that affect the selected community.  Student organizations will partner with organizations in the community that share the same interests to affect change in these areas and student leaders will volunteer with city government to provide a student prospective on living, working, and spending in the city.  

The partnerships and collaborations between Student Affairs units and the community will strengthen the relationship between Shaw University and the City of Raleigh.  These relationships will be beneficial to both town and gown.  We endeavor to promote community respect within our students for the communities adjacent to our campus.  Loud music will be kept at a minimum, trash will be cleaned up surrounding the campus and the neighborhood, and we will sponsor an annual meet and greet for the neighbors, students, staff, administration and faculty – SACII (pronounced Sassy) - "Town and gown working together to build a better Raleigh Community".