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Shaw University Identification Card

An identification card provided by the institution for the purpose of identifying students, faculty, and staff. Upon a student's acceptance to Shaw University, student receives an ID number that will identify that student throughout his/her matriculation at the University. For security purposes for the student and the University family, that ID number must be placed on an ID card with the picture of the student, faculty, or staff member. ID cards are distributed to all on campus, regular day students, Adult Degree Program students, Divinity students, faculty, staff, and administration. Students should possess only one ID card. Individual must be in possession of the ID card at all times and ready to be shown to security upon request. The official ID card may not be defaced, or visually obstructed in any manner. The ID card will be used solely by the person authorized by the issuing official, and under no instances should it be transfer to another individual.

10:00 a.m. -3:00 p.m.

Dorothy Cowser Yancy Building, Rm 318 
3rd Floor | 919-546-8587


It is the responsibility of the issuing official to ensure every individual required to possess an ID card on the first day he or she begins work at Shaw University after all documentation has been completed with Human Resources. To obtain a card, ID office must obtain a signed form from HR. The individual who is obtaining the ID card must personally bring the form to the card office and have his or her photo taken. 

Adult Degree Program & Divinity School 

The ID office is open for services to Adult Degree, Divinity and Graduate students on the indicated weekend dates and times.  If a student at one of the satellite campuses cannot come to the main campus for his/her ID, please email a head shot taken with a solid background to the ID office with name, ID number and Adult Degree Program campus to  and an ID will be created for you and delivered to your campus at our earliest convenience.

ID Card Uses (Required)

  • University Dining Hall and Café
  • Book Store
  • Athletic Events
  • Student Activities
  • Cross gender dormitory visitation
  • Library
  • Health Center
  • Mail Room

Lost or Stolen ID Cards

Lost or stolen ID cards must be reported at the earliest possible moment to the ID office for deactivation of said card.  Stolen cards are replaced for free.  If your card was stolen, you must have a police report from either the Campus Police and Security or a local police department in order to not incur a charge.  Lost cards are charged according to the following:

  • $25 for first replacement
  • $50 any subsequent replacements
  • Pay Cashier
  • Bring receipt to ID Office
  • Pick up replacement ID

General Identification

Your ID card identifies you as a member of the Shaw University community. You should carry it at all times while you are on campus and present it, upon request, to University officials whose assigned responsibilities authorize them to seek proper identification. 

Caring for your ID Card

Please treat your ID card with care. Holes, creases, and general damage will make the card inoperable. Do not bend the card or leave it in direct sunlight, near other sources of heat, or in contact with magnetic fields. Treat your Shaw University ID card as you would any other official identification/credit card.