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About the Writing Center

Mission Statement

Shaw University's Writing Center serves as a collaborative space encouraging understanding of individual writing processes and supporting the development of strategies that enhance writing skills.. The Center is a professional resource for the entire Shaw community and provides consultations and workshops for both students and faculty.


Conferencing, not instruction, is the work of a writing center. By asking questions of writers, tutors can get to the heart of what students are trying to express, and only then can issues of development be addressed.

The goal is not to say what can be “fixed” in a paper, but to notice ineffective areas and guide students in creating effective solutions. In order to prepare writers for whatever types of written communication they are asked to produce, consultations and workshops focus on skill development. The main emphasis is on higher-order skills, such as thesis development, organization, and use of the writing process. After major issues are addressed, skills such as grammar and mechanics are developed.

A lab setting allows for experimentation with writing. It is designed for collaboration and development of knowledge. It is not merely a place to go to finish a paper, but a space to explore, with a tutor, with a peer, or individually, how to re-see a text and learn methods to make the writing process work. It is also a place for faculty to explore how to more effectively incorporate writing into their courses.

Writing is power, whether it is the power to secure employment, or the power to bring out emotion in a reader. Giving students the ability to grasp that power and project their authentic voice into whatever mode or genre is called for is the ultimate objective of the writing center.

Writing Center Staff

Ms. Meredith Dodson, Writing Center Director
Meredith Dodson has been teaching writing for twelve years. She has an MA in English Education from Western Michigan University, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Georgia College and State University. She has published short stories in literary journals, and is currently working on a novel based on Little Women, as well as a novel about mermaids. When not writing or thinking about writing, she enjoys slow walks with her eleven-year-old Labrador and baking delicious breads and cookies. 

LaShunda Faison, Tutor
LaShunda Faison holds a BA in history from the University of North Carolina and a MA in education from Wake Forest University. She currently teaches high school social studies. LaShunda enjoys encouraging students to succeed academically and believes effective writing is essential in any arena in life.

Paul Jones, Tutor
Paul Jones has been in the field of Higher Education for 12 years. His career in teaching and writing consulting has covered various institutions in the Raleigh area from Saint Augustine’s University to North Carolina State University. Currently, he teaches developmental English at Wake Technical Community College while doing part-time writing consulting here at Shaw University, his alma mater. Mr. Jones is in his last stage of defending his dissertation where he will be conferred with the Doctorate of Education in Higher Education and Adult Learning.

Robert Lang, Tutor
Robert Lang hails from Tampa, Florida, where he was born and raised alongside his two triplet brothers, Billy and Steven. He enjoys shredding up a storm on his guitar and scaring the cat while singing in the shower. In between practicing for a career in rock stardom or, if that fails, dog catching(?)—he also finds time for both tutoring and teaching writing, which he has loved doing for six years. His tutoring specialties include idea/content development, rhetorical strategies, making connections, and writing about literature. 

Maegan Mercer-Bourne, Tutor
Maegan Mercer-Bourne is happy to be at Shaw University after having tutored at other colleges and universities for six years. She is excited about language and all aspects of writing, but some of her specialties are literature papers, creative writing, and brainstorming/pre-writing. She is receiving her Masters in Literature in December, and in her free time enjoys traveling, cooking, and spending time with nature.

Brandon Bell, Peer Tutor
Brandon Bell is a senior at Shaw University. He is a Sociology major with an emphasis in Criminal Justice. He likes to help motivate young students to strive for excellence in not only their writing, but in their lives as well.

Abiodun Busuyi, Peer Tutor
Abiodun Busuyi is a friendly and approachable guy; he is presently studying to achieve a Bachelor’s in English and plans to attend seminary. AB is culturally rich with his paternal heritage from Africa and his maternal heritage from Jamaica. AB feels that his purpose is to impart scholastic knowledge as he aspires to be an English instructor as well as fulfill his spiritual call to the clerics.

Mervin Davis, Peer Tutor
Mervin Davis is a second year graduate student from the Bahamas. He is currently majoring I Education, so tutoring is second nature to him. While working in the corporate world, Mervin realized that he had a higher calling to reach out towards people by helping them academically. After he graduates, he plans to earn his doctorate degree in order to become a college professor.