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Major in Religion and Philosophy

The Religion and Philosophy Major, with a concentration either in Religion or Philosophy, is both structured and flexible to permit students to focus in a particular area of interest. Students must earn a grade of C or better in all departmental requirements, which include a shared core of twelve courses as well as three elective courses and a senior project course in the area of concentration, for a total of 48 semester hours.

For all religion and philosophy majors, the required departmental courses are:

  • Religion 225
    Introduction to Religion
  • Religion 234
    World Religions
  • Religion 238
    Survey of Old Testament
  • Religion 239
    Survey of New Testament
  • Religion 290
    African American Religion
  • Religion 300
    History of Christianity
  • Philosophy 240
    Introduction to Philosophy
  • Philosophy 255
    Logic and Thinking
  • Philosophy 285
    African American Philosophy
  • Philosophy 343
    Contemporary Philosophy
  • Philosophy 363
    Contemporary Political and Social Philosophy
  • Religion/Philosophy 498
    Research Methods
  • Religion/Philosophy 499
    Senior Project

Along with a University liberal-arts core of 48 semester hours and 8 free electives of 24 semester hours, these departmental requirements allow students to relate their particular interest to their preparation either for (1) graduate studies in religious, philosophical, and other professional schools, for example, law, social enterprise, public policy, and social work, or (2) entry-level positions in a wide range of religious and human service professions.