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Department of Social Sciences

Full Time Faculty Data List


  • Political Science 
  • Political Science w/ concentration in International Relations 
  • Psychology 
  • Sociology
  • Sociology w/concentration in Criminal Justice 

Palmer, Shelby
(2003); PhD, Alliant International University; Assistant Professor of Psychology
Program Coordinator of Psychology 

Niles, Beau
(2010); PhD, University of Florida; Assistant Professor of Sociology
Program Coordinator of Sociology 

Arkenberg, Marnie,
(2005); Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University; Associate Professor of Psychology

Bunch, Carol D.
(2000); Ph.D, University of Kentucky; Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Graham, Cynthia
(2002); MS, Troy State University; Instructor of Criminal Justice 

Hakeem, Farrukh B.
(1996); PhD, University of New York; Associate Professor of Criminal Justice 

Hall, Fred
(2005); PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Associate Professor of Sociology  

Hurley, Norman
(1997) University of Illinois; Assistant Professor of Political Science 

Leathers, Kim
(1999); PhD, Howard University; Assistant Professor of Sociology
Director of Honors Program 

Walker, Carmen
(2007); PhD, Clark Atlanta University; Associate Professor of Political Science
Director of First Year Programs 

Yarborough, Felicia
(2000); MA, University of Missouri; Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Program Coordinator of Criminal Justice

Zaarour, Khodr M.
(2000); MA, University of Pittsburgh; Instructor of International Relations and Political Science
Office: 8381;