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Department of Visual and Performing Arts

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Shaw University offers students the opportunity to prepare, nurture and develop individual musicianship on a professional level of artistic accomplishment. The department strives to 
enhance the musical talents and abilities of its students in an effort to reach their highest potential.  

Main Areas of Study

  • Music Theory
  • Music History
  • Conducting
  • Applied Music Study

Music Admission Requirements  

  1. AUDITION: Prospective students must perform an audition of two prepared pieces in contrasting styles. Audition times are posted during the first week of classes. In addition, applicants may be asked to sight-read.
  2. MUSIC THEORY DIAGNOSTIC EXAM: Students will take an examination in music fundamentals including clefs, key signatures, scales, triads, and seventh chords. A music minor is available and requires 15 credit hours. 

Music Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students who can link stylistic traits with given historical periods
  2. Students who can analyze and discuss music
  3. Students who can demonstrate appropriate performance

What Students Can Expect

Students in the department can expect to learn the fundamentals of music, and graduate with the ability to link stylistic traits with given historical periods, analyze music and demonstrate appropriate musical performance. Music 
majors also gain "real-world” experience, with performances cross the country and around the world.