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Transfer Students

A transfer student is defined as one who has 12 or more transferable hours from a regionally accredited institution. Transfer applicants are required to provide to the Office of Admissions all official transcripts of credits earned from postsecondary schools.

It is the student's responsibility to request that all transcripts and other records be forwarded to the Office of Admissions. Copies of all postsecondary transcripts should be received prior to enrollment. Transcripts received after mid-semester of the first semester of enrollment may not be processed for advanced standing. Transfer credits accepted for credit toward a Shaw University degree, must be completed at an institution that is, accredited as degree-granting, by a postsecondary regional accrediting commission, at the time the course work was completed. Exceptions may be allowed at the discretion of the University. Transfer credit is given only for courses in which the student earned a final grade of "C" or above.

To earn a Shaw degree, students transferring from accredited senior colleges 1.) may transfer no more than 90 credit hours; 2.) are required to complete successfully at least 30 semester hours or one academic year of study at Shaw University. Students transferring from a two-year institution 1.) may transfer no more than 70 credit hours; 2.) are required to complete at least 30 semester hours for the associate degree and at least 50 semester hours for the baccalaureate degree, at Shaw University.

Transfer students who are applicants for admission should have their transcripts sent directly to the Office of Admissions. The Admissions Office sends the official copy of all college or university transcripts to Records and Registration. Copies are then prepared and sent to the respective department chairs for evaluation.

Only those credits shown as accepted for transfer will appear on the Shaw University transcript. In spite of the number of credit hours transferred or transferable, the student will be held responsible for satisfactory completion of all courses that are required in his/her major area for the associate or baccalaureate degree.

Transcripts from colleges and universities that are on the quarter system will be calculated to show value in semester hours. A quarter hour of academic credit is equivalent to two-thirds of a semester hour. This means that a course that carries four-quarter hours would equate to two and two-thirds semester hours, or a course carrying five-quarter hours would equate to three and one-third semester hours, and so forth. This also means that in at least some cases, two courses from a quarter system would be required to fully satisfy equivalency in semester hours.