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Carolina Small Business Development Fund in partnership with Shaw University has established an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center in Southeast Downtown Raleigh. The Center’s purpose is to: inspire, connect, encourage, and support startups, students and existing entrepreneurs. Through educational training, entrepreneurs and students will have access to the tools needed to build valuable companies and technical prowess.

  • Entrepreneurship Curriculum Track
  • Technology Workshops
  • Business Development Panels
  • CSBDF Loan Fund Access
  • Venture Capital Exposure
  • Crowdfunding Campaign Development
IE Center - Dream Innovate Grow


Students and Alumni Experience

Students from Shaw University will be encouraged to utilize the space for special entrepreneurial projects, corporate tech skill lessons, recruiting open-houses, innovation events like Triangle StartUp Weekend, film night (documentaries on business and innovation), and internship opportunities with CSBDF companies. Students will be encouraged and equipped to develop creative and design thinking skills.

Small Business Owner Experience

Small business owners from the Southeast Raleigh community will have access to the space for incubation, led by CSBDF staff, and to a private co-working room for 2-3 small teams on the second level of the Center. Small business owners will also have access to business tech solutions, such as Facebook and Google for business workshops, student interns, corporate small business solution testing, and discounted partner services.

Partner Experience

Partners will have direct access to students / alumni and small business owners, which will allow for recruiting, brand/product exposure, user testing, and to host community based events, such as MeetUps, Triangle StartUp Weekend, Young Professionals Mixers. Shaw will leverage its academic accreditation to create/partner with certificate programs (tech related: coding, digital marketing) for students.

Inside the Center

Office area inside Innovation CenterThe Center will achieve its goals by focusing on three programming areas:

  • Entrepreneurial Training
  • Business Incubation
  • Financial Resource Services

The Center is located on 444 S. Blount St., Unit 115, Suites A&B, Raleigh, NC 27610. The 2,000 square foot space includes two levels, street parking and a vibrant downtown location. The multi-functional 1st floor work-space is ideal for co-working, workshops and presentations. The 2nd floor includes an innovation lab and two private team incubation offices. 

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