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I. Email Account Information

Use your PIN number provided to you at the time of Freshmen Orientation as your Email Password. If your PIN number is less than Eight Characters long add zero (0) to the end of your PIN number to make it eight characters. For example, if your PIN number is HG7634 you need to use HG763400 as your email password. Some of the old PIN numbers are combination of uppercase letters and numbers. New PIN numbers are combination of lower case letters and numbers.

To access your email click here. 

To add your Shaw Email Account (Gmail)  on your mobile phone refer  to the following links:  

What do I need to know and do to access my new email account?
Your email username is a combination of your first name, middle name, last name, suffix, and student ID number   

To find out your email username and initial password take the following steps:

  1. Login to Online Registration System (Bears Portal)
  2. Click on EMAIL LOGON INFORMATION TAB (This tab contains your email login credentials)  

What will I get with new email account? 
Here are some of the features in your new email account:    

  •  Over 6 GB of storage so you never have to delete an email again.  
  •  Built-in chat to talk with friends, classmates, or family all from within your inbox.  
  •  Import contacts from Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, Hotmail and others.  
  •  Conversation View groups incoming messages to clean up your inbox.  
  •  Quick links allow you to get to your calendar or documents quickly without logging in a second time.    

 In addition, to enhanced and web-based email with your account, you get a number of other tools.    

  • With Google Calendar, you can schedule your social and academic life, create personal calendars, invite friends to events, and set up meeting times with your classmates.  
  • Docs is great for working on group projects. You can create a document or spreadsheet, share it with your classmates, and collaborate in real-time, from the convenience of your house or dorm.  
  • Access to your information from anywhere with an internet connection. You can also access your email with a mobile device.   

 Last, but not least, we recommend you bookmark the following page(s) so you can easily log in to your email account and the other services:   

Why my account is suspended or disabled?
Abusive: Any user in violation of the Google Terms of Service and Shaw University Student Email Usage Policy will be suspended and marked Abusive. The system administrator will delete the abusive users' accounts. These accounts cannot be re-enable    

Will my email account be deactivate or expire after I graduate form Shaw University? 
Your account will not expire or deactivated. It is yours for life.    

Important Note: It usually takes from four days to five days from the official date of registration for Information Technology Services to create or activate email and network accounts students.   

Who should I contact if I have any problem with my network or email account?
Please call Shaw University's helpdesk (919) 546-8587 or send email to if you are experiencing any issues or problems with your network or new email account.     

II. Network Account Information

How do I logon to computers in various computers Laboratories and Libraries?
Use your ID and PIN