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Writing Center Frequently Asked Questions 

Question Answer
01. Do you take walk-ins? Yes, but an appointment ensures that you won’t have to wait for an opening.
02. What if I can’t come to the actual Writing Center?

The Writing Center can meet with you online! This type of consultation is geared toward Adult Degree Program and graduate students who may not be able to make it to the Center during open hours. We currently provide online sessions. Schedule an appointment today or call for more information. When you schedule your appointment, select the online option, then log in to WCOnline a few minutes before your appointment, click on the appointment, and select the link that says "Join or Start a Conversation".

03. What happens during a consultation?
  • Your consultant will ask you to describe your paper and your concerns.
  • You will usually read all or part of your paper out loud.
  • You and your consultant will decide on 2-3 areas to work on.
  • Your consultant will model strategies and give you time to practice.
  • You will leave with a plan for revising your paper. 
  04. Can a group get a consultation for a written project? Definitely. Be sure that all members of the group are available to meet, and plan to meet for an hour.
  05. Will the consultant edit or proofread my paper? Our mission is to make you a stronger writer. If we edit your paper, you haven’t learned anything, and will continue to make the same errors. What we do is point out patterns (for instance, if you always forget to put a comma before “but”).  We’ll show you some examples of the problem in your paper, demonstrate the correction, and then work with you until we know you have the rule. Since you will have learned how to correct that issue, your next paper won’t have the same error
06. Will you work with creative writing? Career writing? Annotated bibliographies?

Yes. We’ll take any type of writing you need to work on! Remember that Career Services is also an excellent place to work on developing a resume (and finding job/ internship opportunities)—they are located in the Yancy Building.

  07. I'm a strong, confident writer. Why should I come to the Writing Center Professional writers always have someone else read their work. The Writing Center is not designed to be remedial; rather, it is a place to have open, thoughtful conversations about developing your skills. 
  08. How often can I come?  You are welcome to stop by the Writing Center as often as you need to (as long as you are writing). You may make up to three appointments per week (one per day).
  09. Can I come to the Writing Center just to write?  Absolutely! Because we will be busy with consultations, it may not always be quiet in here, but you are welcome to come and work at one of the computers or on the couch..
  10. When is the latest I can come in for help on a paper?  Since we offer strategies and suggestions, you’ll need to leave yourself enough time after the session to incorporate those ideas. This is usually at least one day, preferably a few days. We really can’t help you if your paper is due in an hour, so be sure to start early.