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Master of Arts in Christian Education

The master of arts in Christian education (MACE) is designed to be completed in two years of full-time study. Students who earn a MACE degree will be equipped to educate and mobilize men and women to follow God’s call on their lives. The program builds a strong foundation of knowledge of the Bible, the history and heritage of the Christian church, Christian culture, spiritual and ethical formation, and the philosophy, psychology, teaching and administration of Christian education. 


  • Minister/youth minister
  • Mission work
  • Christian educator/professor
  • Church administrator
  • Director of Christian education
  • Coach
  • Nonprofit professional


Every candidate for the Master of Arts in Christian Education Degree is required to complete a total of 17 courses or 51 credit hours. For a complete overview of the program and requirements for the current year, please view online catalog for the most current year.