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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Shaw University is committed to helping our students successfully persist, progress, and complete their collegiate career.

Persistence + Progression = Completion: Retention, Graduation, and Career Readiness is the focus of the Quality Enhancement Plan. A set of success outcomes and action items have been developed to meet the overall goals of the project. The QEP’s primary goals are: (1) to increase retention; (2) increase the four-year and six-year graduation rates, and (3) prepare students for the future by providing experiential learning and improve career readiness competencies. Retention, graduation, and career readiness were part of the University’s previous strategic plan (EPIC, 2015-2020) and are part of the current University’s strategic plan (2020+ EPIC, 2020-2025). Not only has student retention, time to graduation, and career readiness been part of the strategic plan, it has also been an institutional priority. The University has tracked retention, time to graduation, and career readiness for a number of years. The University plans to enhance student success and improve retention by providing adequate resources, a socially and intellectually nurturing environment, and facilitating training and mentorship opportunities that support students career preparation through academic integration. Thus, retention, graduation, and career readiness has been key components in the measure of the success for the University.


Dr. Vanessa Raynor
Dean, Academic Support/QEP Committee Chair
Estey Hall #308
(919) 719-2284

Quality Enhancement Plan